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At SW Technology we are focused in providing product and software for gas analysis systems suitable for various types of applications like:

  • Continuous Emission System
  • Medical air/gas quality monitoring

Our gas analyzer are all accurate, highly sensitive, reliable as well as EN 15267 QAL1 certified as required by the more demanding applications.

Our line of QAL1 product includes, at the moment,

  • an NH3 analyzer, named qLDX, measuring on the range 0 – 15 ppm,  jointly developed with  a world class manufacturing partner well specialized  in TDLS technology.
  • an O2 analyzer, named qOXY,  based on the well proven zirconia probe technology.

All the instruments are based on a well known standard embedded operating system in order to easily provide custom tailored and third party branded products with a wide range of communication protocols.



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